To be a digital nomad

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To be a digital nomad is a dream for many. To be able to travel the world, work from a hotel room before lunch and explore jungles or sandy beaches in the afternoon. To be completely free from going to that office in the morning or reporting to that manager every week. To at the same time earn enough money before lunch to continue traveling. There are lots of ways to find income that can support life as a digital nomad. To write a book is one, to earn money from sponsored content and cooperations via a YouTube channel or Instagram is another. To run an e-commerce business is a third.

Imagine that you can do all your work tasks from your favorite café. The café can one day be in cosy medieval streets of the Swedish summer city Visby, on another day in rainy streets of London. It can also be your very own kitchen table where you sit while snowflakes fall outside your window. Or crawled up in the living room sofa after the kids fell asleep for the night.

Digitalize your work life

We live in a digital world and to be a digital nomad means to digitalize your work life. We no longer have to be standing in a shop to sell stuff, or knock on doors to sell services. Life is online nowadays and so can your career be.

But how do you start a company that can be managed completely location independent? What are the opportunities with e-commerce and is it possible to start small without having to build a warehouse in the living room and run to the post office every morning?

I started my first e-commerce business in 2005. With a few friends, we sold hookahs (Arabic water pipes) to the Swedish market. At the same time we built Sweden’s largest forum for hookah enthusiasts. This was long before Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, so working with social media and building a following was something we had to figure out on our own.

Since then I have started a number of companies, one that sold both smartwatches and app-controlled accessories, one worked with staffing for restaurants, one built websites and apps and one sold Apple equipment.

Location independent business

In parallel to my projects and businesses, my day job has taken me traveling the world selling Wi-Fi solutions to telecom operators. I have managed development teams spread out through three continents and participated in countless meetings via Skype from hotel rooms and restaurants during my travels.

My latest e-commerce business is Save Mondays. We are selling a fabric tote bag designed for bringing to the store, not only to bring back from there. Save Mondays was founded as a completely location independent business already from the start and can be managed from wherever there is an internet connection.

Raouche rocks
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However, my driving force to be a digital nomad does not only come from wanting the traveling life. It also co- mes from being able to stay in my house in the Swedish countryside for work, and not have to spend 1.5 h every day driving back and forth to an office in Stockholm. To be able to work a few hours from my own desk at home, go for a walk along the countryside roads during the lunch break and work in the garden directly when the clock turns five in the afternoon. To drive to the neighboring village of Järna and enjoy a locally produced coffee at Café Åsgatan 2 at the same time as I’m taking care of orders and accounting. To travel to Beirut for a month during spring, live in a hostel and manage my work while I’m having a coffee at Soul Insight.

This is freedom for me and this can be freedom for you.

E-Commerce for a Digital Nomad gives you everything you need to know to start an e-commerce business that you can manage from anywhere in the world. In these chapters you will learn everything from how you can think when formulating and validating your business idea, to how you arrange your warehouse, build your website, manage your accounting and much more.

So pack your bags, it is time to start your own adventure!

Erik Karlberg

Erik Karlberg