A method for defining your business idea

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Language is a powerful tool to formulate and share ideas and through patterns. It can contain both feeling, logic, definitions and give directions for how new throughs can be formed. By starting in a complete sentence when we define our business idea, we can make sure that it contains the most important aspects when starting our business.

I will sell X to Y and will succeed because of Z.

When you start your e-commerce business as a digital nomad, you don’t have to write long essays with marketing analysis, calculations of market shares and detailed launch strategies. On the scale we are talking about for most digital nomads, it is enough to fill in the spaces of the sentence above. Already by doing so you have an advantage over most other companies started every day.

So let us see what we shall fill in in the first part:

I will sell X to Y.

We discussed this in the previous section. It is simply a description of your products and your envisioned customers.

I will sell fabric bags to urban citizens that want to stop using plastic without the hassle, could be the first part of the sentence for my company Save Mondays.

I will sell user-friendly computers to creative people, could be the sentence that Steve Jobs used when Macintosh was created.

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Try to formulate your own sentence. It will guide you and both make you think about and validate your business idea before you invest time and money into your company. But let’s not forget about the end of the sentence, ...and I will succeed because of Z. It is equally important as the first part of the sentence. You must think through what it is that will make you succeed with your business idea. What is it that will make you stand out from the competition? That you will sustain longer than others and that your customers will shop from you and now someone else?

...and will succeed because I am passionate about saving the climate, could be the last part of the sentence for Save Mondays.

...and will succeed because we combine usability with technology in a way that no one else can do, could have been Steves.

Think about how your sentence ends. Guidance can be found in the post about finding your passion. Once you have formulated your business idea, write it down so it is easily accessible (Notes on your phone is a good place for a digital nomad). It is also not a bad idea to print it out physically, draw it on the front page of your notebook in your backpack, or print it and tape it to the wall behind your computer at home.

Good luck!

Erik Karlberg

Erik Karlberg